Call for details...

   Want to know the IN's and OUT's of Emeline

   Emeline preschool Center needs new board members!!

   As our Pre- K Class graduates, we will have a lot of slots to fill on our Board of Director. Because Emeline is a  non- profit organization, we must have a working board of directors to keep our doors open.

       Please speak with Lara if you are interested in singing up!



1030 Emeline Ave. Bldg. O

Santa Cruz CA 95060


By Popular Demand....

Normally, we like future families to give us a call for our prices on tuition. However, do to feed-back we are now placing our sliding scale on-line for everyone to have access to, without having to call us.
*Please check out our new tab "Fee Schedules."
We hope that this helps in families decisions to call Emeline Preschool Center!
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