transitional room

Transition Program

Serves: Children ages 2 – 3

The transition program is a relaxed, nurturing program for toddlers who are generally ages 2 and 3 years old. The teachers here offer a wide variety of sensory activities, music, dress-up play, art, and a lot of laughter and love. This program is designed for children who are currently in diapers or who are going through a toilet learning* process. However, we are very flexible, and many children who start out in the transition program remain there long after learning to use the toilet, or return for frequent visits.

* EPC’s approach to toilet learning is one of strong encouragement and support of the child’s efforts and interest, but never forceful insistence in the issue. Toddlers and young pre-schooler’s need to feel it is their choice to use the toilet. We will provide opportunities for practice and support when the child indicates an interest.


Preschool Program

Serves: Children ages 3 – 4

This program is designed for children ages 3 – 4. The environment is set up in such a way as to promote self-directed learning and play. Activities such as circle time, art, legos, dramatic play, playdough, cooking, puzzles, books, music, climbing, jumping, water play, and tricycle riding are offered. This Classroom has more structure then the Transition Program, where children are required to join in small group time. Also, the amount of of small group time is longer and more focused.


Pre-K Program

Serves: Children ages 4 – Graduation

This program is a continuation of the preschool program, offering many of the same exposure to supplies and activities. However, this group will begin to do a lot more fine skilled motor projects, such as cutting, writing, beading, and using a computer.


Emeline Preschool offers many schedules, in order to provide care to as many families as possible.

Full Day Schedule Options:

All day 7:30am–5:30pm

Days of the week:

Option 1: Monday–Friday

Option 2: Tuesday & Thursday

Option 3: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Half Day Schedule Options:


Mornings (am’s) 7:30am–12:30pm

Afternoons (pm’s) 12:30pm–5:30pm

Days of the week:

Option 1: Monday–Friday

Option 2: Tuesday & Thursday

Option 3: Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Our Hours

Emeline Child Care Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am–5:30pm. It is a year-round program, observing holidays based on the County of Santa Cruz calendar. Parents can choose from part and full time schedules that best meet their needs.

Sliding Scale Fees

Fees are based on a family’s combined gross monthly income and number of family members. We have low, middle, and upper income levels for both transition and preschool programs.